Sunday, September 29, 2013

So I Guess You Call This Autumn: 2013 Version

I cannot believe I am saying this. But this is one of the most gorgeous autumns that I've ever seen out here in the desert. Sure, it's still in the mid-to-high 90s during the day, but the evenings and mornings are downright pleasant. And the sunlight is different--gentler, perhaps, and at a different angle.

The best part about this all? The weather turned on the autumnal equinox. When does that ever happen?

It's a good reminder that things are always in flux. Always changing.

Last week at work, we had a big change. Friday was the last day for our Senior Librarian, who has taken a position as second-in-command of an 11-library-system up towards Northern-Central California. She's going to do so well, I know it--in her time at our Library, she was an agent of change, she knew when to push back. She was tough--tougher than I ever have been--but she was fair. She was a damned good librarian and manager, and while we occasionally had our personal differences (I am as soft as she is tough) I always, always  respected her, admired her, and valued the many things she did.

We worked together for just under five years. Almost 1800 days in which I took for granted the quiet routine of so many days surrounded by my colleagues and bosses, folks that I knew and trusted, and the various demanding duties and dotty patrons.

And now, tomorrow morning, it will be different.

Last year, when Boss-Lady left, I knew we would go through change. I hate change, let me just get that out there, because it provokes all sorts of uncertainty and anxiety. (At least it does for me. Because I am a crazyball.) But if you ride the change just right, it's a good thing--and so I adapted, and as a result, the last year has been simultaneously one of the most demanding yet fulfilling years for me, professionally. And with Senior Librarian's departure, perhaps I can transform and grow again.

But it won't make coming in tomorrow any less sad.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shit my Patrons Say

(The Scene: Reference desk, around noon. Patron is signing in to use one of our study rooms. He glances up at me, does a double-take.)

Patron: Wow. This is it the first time I've seen you looking pretty.

Me: (after a cold silence) Thanks.

Patron: I don't express myself very diplomatically.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fun in the Workplace, Exhibit A:

Walking past the Cap'n's office this afternoon, I noticed one of her plants sitting on the floor outside her office. Poking my head in, I asked, "Is your plant in time-out?"

There's a purpose to everything the Cap does, but it doesn't stop me from making funnies where I can. So later I snuck over and left a little note:

It got more than a few chuckles. And by the end of the day, it (and the sign) were back on the Cap's desk.

Quote for the Ages: Floor Abuse

Me: (examining my shoes) "I just bought these Naturalizers a few months ago! And now look at them! The bottoms are falling off."

Super Mom/IT Librarian: "It's because you..."

(she falls silent after catching a glimpse of my expectant glare)

" with purpose."

Papa Bear: "No it's not! It's because you attack the floor when you walk."

It's true. I do tend to stalk around the Library with purposeful aggressive enthusiasm.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Anti-Arbor Day

The Evidence:

The Crime:

Wednesday, 11 September 2013: Otherwise known as the "Anti-Arbor Day."

If this isn't metaphorical for how we're all feeling at work right now, I don't know what is.