Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

I ask this question far more than strictly necessary. It's a thing.

Here are some of the basic facts:

I am:

  • Gemini. 
  • Librarian. 
  • Avid reader.
  • Drunken sailor (or perhaps descended from one.)
  • Incompetent wife.
  • 30-something. 
  • Hard worker. 
  • Rather indifferent to my place in the universe.
Seriously, most days I feel like I don't matter.  I'm not a special snowflake. I don't need to be remembered. I offer my gifts to those who want them, but I don't feel like they are world-changing. Most of the time, I am remarkably okay with this, but my therapist/life-coach isn't. And since I'm a big believer in her, I am gonna try to tell myself that I matter. That what I say and do and experience and think and see matters, if only to just me. And that maybe "just me" is enough.

I am a book maven and information mistress.   Avid list-maker.  Storm watcher (and chaser, and summoner).  Drinker of gimlets. Keeper of cats.  Ardent lover of bare trees and the whisper of the wind in the hour of gloaming.  Receptacle of red hair dye. Creatrix of uncommon keepsakes. Connoisseur of cheeses.  Staunchly loyal comrade. Organizational enchantress. Unrepentant Gemini. Paramour of Prozac. Admirer of autumns.  Desert exile.  Priestess of parentheses.  Dedicated seeker of the bright side of things. Believer in a restorative nights sleep and a bright, shiny new day.  Devotee of the good and the beautiful.  Hopeful pilgrim on life's magical path.

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